About Us

Christian Scaraglino


Christian  is one of the 3 founders and President of SYSF.  Christian has more the 17+ years of teaching he is a judge and founding Member and President of the Swedish Yoga Sports Federation and the European Delegate of the International Yoga Sports Federation (iysf.org). 

Christian is currently a senior yoga teacher on staff at Hot Yoga Malmö (Sweden) and a teacher at the Evolation Yoga Hot Teacher Trainings. He's one of the most experienced teachers of Bikram Yoga in all of Scandinavia and the only certified 800 hour Dharma Yoga teacher in the region. 

He has competed in 3 international competitions. He loves to surprise you with humor and inspire you in his classes. You can read more about him on his web page Tiger Brand Yoga 

Elin Bourganel


Elin is one of the 3 founders and General Secretary of SYSF . 

She has taught yoga since 2012, mainly Bikram Yoga but also Yin Yoga and Bishnu Ghosh’s advanced series, and is currently studying to become an Ayurvedic doctor. She is also a certified Ayurvedic massage therapist and has studied the fundamentals of western anatomy and physiology. 

Elin has so far participated and placed in two Swedish championships and one International championship. 

To participate and contribute to holistic development is her greatest passion and main motivation behind her involvement with the SYSF. 

Carolin Freccero


Carolin  is one of the 3 founders and Treasurer of SYSF. Carolin has taught yoga for the last 3 years, mainly at Hot Yoga Malmö. Together with Christian, she has founded the Swedish Yoga Sports Federation and serves as its Treasurer.

Based on her qualifications as a Medical Doctor and Ballet Teacher, she teaches anatomy in yoga teacher training. Furthermore, she has conducted several workshops on different yoga topics.

In her classes, there is always a chance that you hear a new cue or anatomical advice to develop and broaden your insight in the asanas a little bit further.

Carolin has placed in the Swedish competitions and in the International Competitions.


“Out of the eight petals (Limbs) of yoga,

the only petal that is exhibitive is the yoga āsans whereas the other petals are very individual and personal. As such there is nothing wrong in holding a competition on the qualitative presentation of the yogaāsanas. The presentation must be very natural with innocence and humility rather than pride and arrogance. Then I consider such competitions as healthy. It should be competitive on the artistic level and not on egoistic body cult.

— B. K. S. Iyengar