SYSF's first yoga event:

2019 Nordic Yoga Sports Championship

Sweden  - Denmark -  Norway - Finland

WHEN : Saturday, September 28, 2019

WHERE: Ystadsgatan 53 C, Malmö

TIME :  12:00 - 16:00

VENUE: Studiefrämjandet

The Nordic Yoga Āsana Championship. 

Additional Information

SYSF is happy to host its first Yoga Championship for the Nordic Countries.

Yoga Sports Championships  are athletic competitions demonstrated by the beauty of demanding yoga postures and through the dedication, endurance and unyielding determination of the competitors. SYSF  along with  several Yoga Federations around the world are aiming  to develop Yoga Sports as an official Olympic Sport. Increased awareness of the sport of Yoga Asana will encourage existing practitioners to sharpen their skills through training, dedication, and devotion to the sport, and will inspire new practitioners.

The Swedish Yoga Āsana Championship. 

The Championships: 

Yoga Āsana, postures, are the only outwardly visible aspect of  the 8 Limbs of Classical Yoga.  We will celebrate the practice of āsana at this event. It bring us together as a community,  inspires each us and motivate us to a yoga practice.  

Each contestant will perform 6 postures in three minutes demonstrating their strength, flexibility and balance.  The contestants will come from various studios all over Sweden, and they are competing in Men's and Women's  divisions from ages 9 - 50+

There are three age divisions:

  1. Youth (divided into 3 groups): 9-11, 12-14,  15-17 
  2. Adult: 18+
  3. Masters: 50+ 

Registration is open. Click here to register.

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The Location.